World on a plate

Red handed

Always get caught with your hand in the ...

Fun in the sun

Palm trees and blue skies will always take you there.

Lantern plate

Fruit was never meant to be boring. Light it up.

How it all began

Plaates is a new project we are super excited to be sharing with you. The idea came to us a couple of years ago while we were in Bali and eating off a Lucas Grogan plastic melamine plate. It was our F%$% YEAH moment while eating cheese and crackers off a plate with F%$# YEAH printed on it. We were really interested in the hard waring, virtually indestructible nature of melamine with a really cool design on it. 

Perfect for all sorts of occasions from backyard bbq's, picnics in the park, glamping trips, kids can't break them and magical for a fun and colourful dinner party.  

We can't wait to share with you plenty of new designs from designers, artists and photographers from all over the world. 

Our world on a plate. 


Jodie and Erz